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Green Building Investment

Green Building Investment

Green Building Investment is a subsidiary of the renowned Prezident DOO Company from Novi Sad. For more than two decades, Prezident Company has successfully engaged in the construction and investment of business and residential buildings.

Experience and traditions. What we point out as the most important link of a successful business are the satisfied customers whose number is constantly increasing year after year. Experience and tradition brought us loyal customers who recognize and want quality and individualization of the service. By meeting their demands and wishes, we have made the key to long-term success.

Seriousness. When carrying out our projects, we respect all the norms and rules and thus create buildings that can serve as an example to other investors. Our buildings are fully integrated into the environment and represent a personification of taste and harmony in relation to the environment!

What do we offer? Reliability, top quality, respect of the deadlines for the performance of works, and above all business operations according to global standards, are the key elements based on which we conduct our business policy! We are here to turn your desires into reality and to enable you to truly …



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